Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

So you built a content team to churn out branded content to engage buyers.  One problem: buyers aren’t looking to you for product information during the first 70% of their decision journey — they are turning to peers and expert opinions.

A 2013 study by the CMO Council reveals that B2B brands spend $16.6B to produce digital content for lead generation, yet B2B buyers don’t trust a majority of the branded content.  In the study, 86% of B2B buyers stated that online content played a “major to moderate role in vendor selection” and two-thirds cited research and white papers from professional organizations as most trusted and valuable.

So how do you educate buyers about your products if they don’t value/trust your content?  Enlist independent third-party influencers to do it for you.

As part of your demand generation strategy, Ivy Worldwide will coordinate the creation and distribution of content by independent third-party influencers to promote your products.  By reaching more buyers with content that will actually be read, and for less money, you improve your content ROI.


Why Earned Content Matters

Earned (third-party) content is often more effective than branded content for generating demand, for several reasons:

(1) Cost – it’s largely free (most independent third-party influencers pride themselves on not taking payments in exchange for endorsements).

(2) Reach – influencer networks have more scale and buyer reach than your own email or blog subscriber lists.

(3) Credibility – buyers trust peers and experts more than brands as they expect brands to be biased in their claims.

What’s more, these third-party influencers are also likely to back link to your website, thereby improving your organic search rank for SEO.  Why does this matter?  Because it means more buyers will find you!


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