You may recall when we published our first SMB survey “Six Secrets to Selling to SMBs” back in August of 2010. We’re at it again, with our newest survey results

We have all seen far too many bad social media programs in our short lives.  But, what we haven’t seen is how to take a bad program and turn it into

Gratitude for all the dads out there today!  And a great big thank you to the partnering founding Fathers of  Ivy Worldwide!  We have come so far!  Remember when…

Ivy Worldwide conducted this survey of SMB* owners/operators via a network of independent bloggers to determine what factors influence the purchasing decisions of these SMB decision-makers. SMB is big business

No. Really. It’s not. Mr. or Mrs. Brand, it is really not about you.  It’s about the people who use what you deliver and give it credence in the marketplace.