Announcing the launch of the Koodzo Influencer Marketplace

koodzo-logo_white_bgIt’s been awhile since last we posted here, and for good reason. Over the past months we’ve been working extensively behind the scenes with our friends over at Koodzo, who have just announced the launch of their Influencer Marketplace. This platform is designed to link industry influencers with the brands they most care about, the ultimate goal being for those brands to select the best influencers to propagate the brands’ content via influencer channels. In this way both parties come out ahead: influencers’ audiences gain access to the content most important to them, and brands get exposure via channels they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The Koodzo Influencer Marketplace automates discovery and brokering for both brand and influencer alike, making it far easier for each to identify, connect and transact.

If you’re an influencer seeking to automate your sales process, Koodzo is the way to do it. Check it out, sign up, and share your feedback with the team. You won’t regret it!

You can find out more via the Koodzo blog post and this handy video.

We at Ivy are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Koodzo – stay tuned to this channel for more news.

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