5 Ways Businesses can use Pinterest to their Advantage

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networks and continues to gain momentum and attention from big and small companies alike.  With Pinterest referring more traffic to websites and blogs, companies race to find ways to integrate this platform into their overall social media efforts.  With all the talk about Pinterest lately, we wanted to share 5 ways business can use Pinterest to their advantage:

  1. Link building efforts – Analyze Pinterest data to identify mavens to engage in content creation and prospecting.  Further, identify and target people that are likely to link to your site in the future. Monique Pouget wrote a great article on using Pinterest to build personas to improve your link building efforts.
  2. Amplify your visual assets.  Pinterest opens new doors for targeting a sharing-oriented audience.  At the same time, it’s differentiated from other social media platforms with its image-based sharing platform.  Enforce your brands visual identity by creating visually-appealing collections.
  3. Humanize your brand.  Bring your brand to life by creating boards that visually depict elements of your brands’ personality.  Share images that reflect your company’s mission, values, and culture.  Humanize your brand by taking and sharing pictures of the executives and employees behind the scenes.  Share images of how your company is giving back to the community – all of which make a company more relatable.
  4. Demonstrate practical use of your products.Go beyond branding and promotion and show consumers how your product solves a need.  Take it a step further by sharing video tutorials or step-by-step graphics for the DIY consumer.  Expand product consideration by showcasing alternative uses for your products. 
  5. Engage you customers. Product evangelists and third-party endorsements play a significant role in the purchasing process.  Encourage customers to engage with your brand and share your message with their networks through the use of contests or turn your customers into product evangelists by encouraging them to post pictures of themselves using your product.

Incorporating Pinterest into your overall marketing strategy means focusing on the visual aspects of your brand and bringing your brand personality to life visually.  Utilize Pinterest to emphasize the unique traits and characteristics of your brand or product by sharing visual collateral like infographics, videos, and how-tos. 

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