A Brilliant Suggestion

We have been getting a lot of great reviews on our book Social Media Judo. In one of the most recent ones from Small Business Trends by Ivana Taylor we got some suggestions on how to make the book better.  There were a number of great bloggers interviewed for the book to ensure we got their perspectives. In our mind independent bloggers are some of the greatest and most passionate bloggers in the world. They have to continually keep readers interested and grow their audience.  Well, Ivana made the simple suggestion that we should list all the bloggers that were interviewed. After doing a facepalm I gathered the list and have posted it below.

Thanks to Ivana for pointing out the obvious!

Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba  http://www.churchofthecustomer.com/

Jeanne Bliss http://blog.customerbliss.com/?p=886

Shel Israel  – http://redcouch.typepad.com/

Robert Scoble – http://scobleizer.com/

Andy Sernovitz – http://www.damniwish.com/

Chris Pirillo – http://www.lockergnome.com/ and http://chris.pirillo.com/

Chris Lesinski – http://chrislesinski.com/blog/

Jason Dunn – http://www.jasondunn.com/

Joel Evans – http://www.geek.com/users/JoelGeek/

Kelly Sutton – http://www.hackcollege.com/

Liz Henry – http://bookmaniac.org/

Rob Bushway – http://www.robbushway.com/

Shane Pitman – http://techvirtuoso.com/

Xavier Lanier – http://notebooks.com/

John Moore – http://www.brandautopsy.com/

Toby Bloomberg – http://bloombergmarketing.blogs.com/

John Obeto – http://absolutelywindows.com/

Walter Carl – http://chatthreads.typepad.com/

Long Zheng – http://www.istartedsomething.com/

Neil Ohlenkamp (Our judo expert) – http://judoinfo.com/neiljudo.htm