A brief thought on making owned content more discoverable

Every company (B2B, B2C) faces the same content challenge: How to produce content that has authority and gets noticed, but which also reinforces your unique brand attributes? I was chatting with members of a LinkedIn group about content strategy and pointed out that all companies have the same problem, as mentioned here.

We’ve find one way to neutralize that problem, by aligning relevant and influential third-party content producers with producers of first-party (company internal) content.  We do this in such a way that the company’s brand and product messages are made more discoverable because they first appear in third-party content, which is more discoverable by definition (this post has a good summary of why).

From there, the brand then reinforces the influencer’s credibility (and further propensity to post yet more content) by linking to the third-party content in its (the brand’s) own follow-on, first-party content. For one, this makes the company’s first-party content more easily found by the target market; for another, it lends third-party endorsement of both product and brand.

It goes without saying that this tactic requires a coordinated approach from both sides, and by extension, a very strong company-influencer relationship must exist for it to work consistently.

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