Corporate identity and the role of the mission statement

Lately I’ve been thinking about who Ivy is, in the context of what we do and why we exist as a company.  I’m generally skeptical of such exercises – there aren’t enough hours in the day to pursue esoteric exercises — but I had a recent discussion that, if nothing else, brought home to me the importance of your team being able to accurately and succinctly convey your firm’s reason for being.

I’ve also been reading a bit of literature on leadership (as opposed to “mere” management), and that one cannot truly call oneself a leader if your followers don’t know where you’re taking them.

Putting virtual pen to paper, I’ve come up with this:

Ivy Worldwide exists to help our clients generate earned content, execute promotions and garner third-party endorsement, all with an eye to realizing sales of their products and services.

It’s a lucky fact that, in the main, this also happens to be what our website says about us 🙂

A more telling fact would be whether everyone at the company would say the same thing, more or less. It’s important we all speak about what we do in the same way, as doing so not only helps each of us with the proverbial “elevator pitch”, but I also use this statement as a guidepost when making decisions. I ask myself, does the route we’re considering contribute to that statement, or directly violate it? Or more likely, is it less cut-and-dried than that and require more analysis? Making decisions to do, and not to do, is a large part of running a business. And doing so consistently is an integral part of what allows us to stay in business.

Believe me, this exercise is harder than it looks.

Back to work …

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