Ivy Worldwide: 2011 in Review

It’s hard to believe it is 2012 already!  This past year flew right by, but as the saying goes…”time flies when you’re having fun.”  It has been a very productive  year for Ivy Worldwide as we have continued to mine the value  of social media for our clients and explored new heights in demand generation as a result.

We kicked the year off with our first field goal at Cowboys Stadium where we held the HP Converged Infrastructure and Proliant Tech Day.  We invited enterprise tech bloggers to visit the stadium and see a real life example of how HP’s Proliant servers are being used to great advantage in their datacenter.

We authentically showcased the benefits of how our clients’ technology  works in real world scenarios.  Another great example of this was the first EdCamp Chicago, a hyper-local education event co-sponsored by Lenovo and “edu” influencers Steve Dembo and Chad Lehman.   Ivy and Lenovo stepped out of the way, allowing Dembo and Lehman’s local following of close to 100 educators to tweet and blog about the convergence of technology and education alongside the spotlight of Lenovo’s new M90z touch screen PCs.

Continuing our work in the education space, Ivy began working with the Adobe Education Team, an exciting new client for us! Looking to engage social media influencers, we quickly recruited a corps of over 60 bloggers to work with Adobe products and share how Adobe software is paving the way for students using design and technology in all areas of study.  Some of the many wins we had  with the Adobe Education Team included hosting bloggers to major events such as ISTE, EduCause, and Adobe’s very own MAX conference.   Additionally, we’re excited to say that our social media strategy led a large majority of the promotion and engagement for the Adobe Students’ Back to School Campaign, Imagination Challenge.

One of the highlights of working on the Imagination Challenge campaign was when the student bloggers had the opportunity to live video chat with College Humor celebrities Jake & Amir in a Google + Hangout.  By being open to trying new social technologies (G+ hangout) and creating this unique opportunity for the student bloggers to meet the celebrity judges of the Imagination Challenge, Adobe gained street cred with the bloggers and strengthened their reputation as a company that ‘gets’ social media.

Meeting your customers where they are at is a really big aspect of truly leveraging  social media.  This is one reason why we scored the  opportunity to work with Sony and a group of student bloggers to test out the new Sony Vaio S-series laptop.  Everybody knows students have their fingers on the pulse of social media.  The program was called “Charged and Ready” where fifteen student influencers shared how Sony’s proclaimed fifteen-hour battery life could really be put to the test.  At the end of the program, Sony shared how they understood one of the pillars of social media – reciprocity. Sony wrote up a blog post linking back to each of the bloggers’ posts, and it was a win-win situation for everyone involved. The importance of mutual benefit s is something we always try to preach as part of our “social media judo” philosophy, coined by the Partners of Ivy Worldwide – Geoff Nelson, Chris Aarons, and Nick White

Speaking of Social Media Judo, a major win for us this past year was the completion and publishing of the book Social Media Judo, co-written by the partners of Ivy Worldwide. It is now available in paperback and e-reader on Amazon.  In addition to having the book published, we have also published 2 new blogs this year, Fixsed and Tools for Social to share social media successes and tools we have come across in our years of experience.

Hands were shaking and social media was booming all across the globe with Ivy Worldwide services.  This past year, we are proud to say we launched our first world tour with HP by inviting bloggers to join in at events located in Singapore, Vienna, Madrid, Las Vegas and New York.

From the East to the West, Ivy Worldwide was there helping our clients make waves with their social media strategies.  Our client roster grew as we continued business with loyal customers HP and Lenovo, and brought on new business with other companies. such as Adobe, Sony, Vonage and Cooking Planit.

With all of the new business, we had to add to our work force.  We hired Jennifer Wiggins as Senior Program Manger and she has been an exemplary team leader and a great asset to our team.  We also leveraged our Berkeley office and had the privilege of hiring two very bright Cal interns, Madison and Austen.  We have since brought Austen on to work with us full-time.  In the world of social media it’s all about people, which is why we take great pride in fostering an environment of growth potential and success for all of our employees.

We hold a tremendous amount of gratitude for all of the bloggers, clients, and people who have supported Ivy Worldwide along the way.  It has been a wonderful year of hard work and abundance, and we cannot thank all of you enough!  We are over joyed to look back on the year and know that we have come so far, and are looking forward to another year of success and growth in 2012.  Happy New Year to all of our community!

–The Ivy Worldwide Staff