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A consumer is never just one category. Perhaps she’s a student but also a fashion expert. Maybe he’s a parent but also a technology guru. Your challenge as a marketer is to provide the consumer with a way to gather a variety of information so that he or she can make an educated buying decision. The great thing about tapping into the blogging community is that bloggers represent the multi-faceted consumer base that you are trying to reach. By working with influential bloggers to promote your product, the potential buyer is able to find the information needed to make an informed purchasing decision.

For example, perhaps a consumer is a stay-at-home mom looking for a dependable computer to use around the house. She might read her friend’s blog who writes about being a Mom. The blogger has recently posted a review of a new desktop that has hit the market. The review is a detailed evaluation about the product from a mom’s perspective. The reader is also a small business owner. So her next question in the buying process would be “What does a small business owner think of this computer?” If she finds a link to a small business blog that has reviewed the very same desktop, she will have all of the information she needs to decide to purchase the desktop.

This is an example of why working with a multitude of bloggers can get you closer to more consumers who want to buy your product. By working with a variety of bloggers that link to each other, your consumers are much more likely to find the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision to buy your product.

All blogs are not created equal, but each blogger is part of a larger, interconnected community. By working with bloggers from different categories who are interested in your product, you provide new and existing customers more avenues to learn why your company has the solution they need.

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