Shaking Hands in Social Media

Social media judo is not just about Twitter and Facebook, but ultimately, about building important relationships with people in your community who will speak out on behalf of your company and help evangelize your company’s products and services.   When seeking out those relationships , bloggers are a great place to begin.  Bloggers are generally leaders within the community and are looking for opportunities to gain valuable insights and become stronger thought leaders.

This is where your company comes in.  As a company – you have the ability to give bloggers valuable information about what is happening in your company and industry that they might not otherwise find.  Thus, you are not just an organization that provides goods or services to the community, but you hold unique first-hand insight that is valuable to bloggers who are looking to be the most knowledgeable in their area-of-expertise.

Here’s a simple example.   If you are a restaurant owner, you might define your business as an establishment that is about giving your customers a wonderful dining experience and a great meal.  This is the message you deliver in your marketing efforts.  Of course this is true!  But did you know that people are interested in how you build that experience for your customers, what is the story behind your business, and what goes on behind the scenes – or in the case of a restaurant, maybe what goes on in the kitchen?

Bloggers want to find out what goes on in the kitchen because they not only like to have insider information to provide for their readers, but they are generally hands-on too.  As we have stated in many of our past blog posts, bloggers do not like to be treated like press.  Don’t send them a press release and expect they will write about your company.  But what you DO want to do is shake their hands and bring them into your kitchen.  Give them an opportunity to tell the story about your company to their followers, first hand, and let the community know what it’s really about.

In social media, it’s really about how you can share the human element of your company.   And there’s no better way to do this than through inviting bloggers into your ‘kitchen’, shaking their hands, and bridging the gap between the online world of social media and real life relationship building.