Social Media: It’s About People Not Platforms

We recently helped a major client run another successful Tech Day in Colorado. We invited eleven bloggers to come join us for a day and a half to get the deep dive on some great technology and to meet the people who make it happen. The bloggers came from all over the world for this event, one even traveling from New Zealand to attend.

The bloggers responded by publishing 18 blog posts (more may be posted soon), hundreds of tweets, as well as various photos and videos. Additionally, we were able to survey the bloggers about the technology, the company and its marketing strategy while asking their advice as to how we might improve. The insights are pointed as well as creative.  This resulted in making the event a focus group as well as a chance to evangelize the technology.

Ivy Worldwide has completed more than twenty-five various events with a number of different clients over the past several years. What amazes me is how many companies still don’t see the value in these events and insist on thinking that social media is something that can be conducted from a safe distance. They do this by using a third party platform such as Facebook or Twitter to pump out the same old messaging. They insist on collecting friends like baseball cards, but do not turn that into anything substantial to impact their ROI. When will they get it?

Social Media is more than Facebook and Twitter! Social media is about people, not platforms or technology. The technology merely enables people to interact to a greater and more efficient degree from a distance, however, nothing can supplant meeting someone in person, face-to-face. If face-to-face meetings were no longer necessary, then most of the thousands of business and technology conferences held around the world each year would no longer be necessary.

The reason is basic to human nature. Is another person truly your friend until you meet them in person? If we are being honest, the answer is: not really. So it is with social media. It is about building relationships with people who in turn have a great deal of credibility and influence with other people. You need to get your company in front of the social media influencers in your space who have both credibility and the audience you need to reach. Only in this way will your social media marketing really create a successful social media campaign.

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