Top 25 Influencers in Tech to Watch in 2016

Suffer from FOMO, the fear of missing out, when it comes to trends in technology?

Want to stay updated about the what’s what and who’s who, and follow the top technology influencers on Twitter and their blogs?

Here’s our list of top 25 tech influencers you need to be following. Some are big names and others might be new to you, but in each and every case, these folks wield influence with their respective audiences.

What do we mean by influence?  Well, we don’t mean surface numbers such as Twitter followers (tip: Twitter can be EASILY gamed).

So, what do we look for?

We look for influencers who speak to our client’s customers and who have credibility to influence purchasing decisions.

How do we know they can do this?

We find out what they do for a living, where they work, what their specialty is and who they interact with professionally.

Yes, that means we get to know them and, yes, it takes a bit of time.  We’ve written about this before.

Overall, their combined knowledge and experience will help you stay updated on all that’s happening, and you can do this just by browsing your Twitter feed for starters.

Although if you want the real goods, you’ll need to read their blogs and watch their videos.

Yes, that means consuming their content.

So, in no particular order, let’s get to it.

Here we go:


1. Robert Scoble (@scobleizer)

Robert, best-known for his blog, Scobleizer (now defunct), was a technology evangelist at Microsoft back in the day. While he now works for Rackspace, and their community site Building 43, in the past he’s worked for Fast Company.

A tech-heavy resume such as his means he’s always got a line on new trends in tech and start-ups.

Not only that, but Robert spends considerable time keeping up with and informing his audience about online content and how it’s being used and shared meaning he keeps his fingers on the pulse of the blogosphere too.

Following Robert can only help you out. He is as approachable as he is genuine.  Plus, he just loves what he does and his enthusiasm is present in all he covers.


2. Judie Stanford (@geardiarysite)

A rancher (yes, you read that right … a rancher), blogger, tech expert and gadget lover, Judie seeks to simplify tech for the average person.

And she does this well!

With her feet firmly planted in the brick and mortar as well as the virtual worlds, Judie offers a certain something to her coverage of technology.

Explaining trends and devices in simpler words, Judie writes content even the least tech savvy person can understand. Founder, Editor-in-Chief and co-owner of Gear Diary, Judie provides the latest on tech, software and cool gadgets.

Oh, and we should note … she’s been blogging since 1999 — which is a mightly long time!


3. Helena Stone (@chip_chick)

Helena has spent most of her career in the social media marketing and interactive design industry. Now Editor-in-Chief of ChipChick, she’s bringing down the notion that women can’t be tech savvy, and enjoys proving that with both her website and twitter account.

Established in 2004, Chip Chick was a pioneer in the blogosphere, becoming amongst the first sites to focus on technology for women.

The goal of Chip Chick has always been for women to have a site that helps them keep up with the latest technology trends and how to make these trends more fashionable and customizable.

As Helena’s been at it for over ten years, I think she and Chip Chick are here to stay.


4. John Obeto (@johnobeto)

Not content to just be CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Logikworx (a managed service provider for small, medium businesses), John is also the CEO of Blackfriars Capital and Publisher of The Interlocutor a technology newsletter.

He is dedicated to educating small business owners about Microsoft windows, server and mobile software, technology devices and how best to use it for their business through This is not to say John confines his coverage to tech business products only, but he covers consumer ones as well.

He is also a Lakers fan, but don’t hold that against him!


5. Bob Stein (@activewin)

Co-Founder and Editor of ActiveWin, Bob started as an AOL forum leader at the age of 13. His long career in the tech space included working for MSN U.S. as a manager for various forums.

He started a website, ActiveIE, with his friends Byron Hinson and Wayne Flyers, which eventually became ActiveWindows. It provides the latest news around Microsoft and their software/hardware.

For his day job, Bob is equally impressive as the director of the Office of Entrepreneurial Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh. In this venue, Bob rubs shoulders with tech leaders like Meg Whitman of HPE.


6. Chris Pirillo (@chrispirillo)

Chris started in the content publishing world back in 1996, when he launched LockerGnome, a network of blogs, web forums, mailing lists, and online communities where he started providing practical technology knowledge to his readers.

Chris is not just an expert in growing online communities, he’s become the go-to expert when tech-speak needs to be simplified for the media.

Not only that, but Chris is very entertaining. We don’t think you will be disappointed.


7. Jake Ludington (@jakeludington)

Passionate about presenting multimedia content to interested audiences, Jake currently works as a leader in a multi-billion dollar video distribution service. He is also an author and a coach, having written Easy Digital Home Movies and the Podcasting Starter Kit.

Jake’s preferred platform to expound about technology and the latest trends is on his blogs: Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle and Delighted Robot. He also has a channel on YouTube.

Anyone remember Microsoft Vista? Earlier in his career, Jake was involved with Chris Pirillo regarding a BitTorrent server at “to help Microsoft get Windows Vista Beta 2 into users’ hands” in 2006, so his street cred goes back a ways.


8. Paul Strauss (@theawesomer)

Paul is the man behind Awesomer Media, and its network of blogs, Paul covers everything from hip technology to cars “that don’t suck.”

Since 2006, he’s been focused on finding the most “awesome” things for his readers and sharing them online. His websites include The Awesomer, Technabob, MightyMega and 95Octane.

Prior to starting his own online media empire, Paul was the SVP of Online Operations for Playboy Enterprises.

While there he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of software development, design, technical strategy, billing, ad operations, SEO, and other operational aspects of Playboy’s digital business.


9. Chris Evans (@chrismevans)

Not to be confused with the actor, Chris is the founder of Architecting IT (formerly The Storage Architect) and is a “heavy hitter” in the enterprise IT space.

With almost three decades of experience in the IT industry, Chris is now a consultant, and runs Langton Blue Limited which focuses on providing solutions for IT related business issues.

Following Chris is critical if you want to know about trends in enterprise IT. He is a credible voice focusing on the areas of storage and virtualization but with a comprehensive knowledge of IT infrastructure & business processes.

As he has worked across many industries and technologies, Chris has a detailed understanding of the issues involved in delivering enterprise technology.

Start following him now if you have any interest in enterprise IT.


10. Philip Sellers (@pbsellers)

As a senior-level systems administrator for Horry Telephone Cooperative, Phil is an expert at vSphere, Microsoft technologies, IT infrastructure as well as the Mac environment.

Phil is also the head honcho at Techazine, his blog about all things tech.

He’s also previously worked as a consultant, worked as a web applications manager and owned two web application companies. A jack of all trades indeed and an informed influencer who you should connect with.


11. Jeff Powers (@geekazine)

An IT Admin turned Podcaster from Madison, WI. Jeff’s tech industry knowledge spans over 20 years starting as support agent for Microsoft and Windows 95, he continued building his IT career throughout 2007 when the podcast bug decided to hit him.

Already a podcaster, Jeff realized he could take his love of IT to a whole new level with this medium. From consumer and industry tech to tech history, Je serves as a host, podcast coach, YouTuber and Conference speaker. is Jeff’s primary website. He hosts multiple shows including Geekazine Review, Day in Tech History (.com), and Wearable Today (.com). He also is behind the scenes producing conference videos and online webinars.

Jeff has interviewed and talked with industry giants as a podcaster including Steve Wozniak, Vint Cerf, Leo Laporte and Robert Scoble (see above).  He has been featured on CBS, NBC and even back in the TechTV days.

During the weekends, Jeff plays drums in the band Trailer Kings or works his solo acoustic show.

He is also starting a new pilot show in 2016 featuring Geeks like himself. So, there is even more to look forward to!


12. Andru Edwards (@andruedwards)

CEO of Gear Live Media, Andru Edwards is an established authority on gadgets and consumer electronics, turning Gear Live into a successful and trusted tech review brand. He’s been profiled in major publications like The Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and was named one of Seattle’s Top 25 Innovators.

You can find Andru in multiple places – in video at, in audio on the WrestleTech show, and in written form on Gear Live, as well as columns on Brash, and GeekWire.

Andru also serves as Amazon’s Gadget VJ, walking shoppers through the features of the latest gadgets on Amazon Video. When Amazon wanted a talented, passionate video personality and creator to work with on the new Amazon Gadgets videos, Andru came in and hit the ground running.

When we were first getting acquainted with online influencers, Andru was one of the first we connected with. He thinks creatively and always has some interesting ideas.

You can find him across a multitude of social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.


13. Vincent Nguyen (@slashgear)

Vincent is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of SlashGear and Android Community. SlashGear educates readers with all the latest in consumer electronic gadgets, and trends in the digital lifestyle.

His other venture, Android Community has the latest on Android and is the best source for information on open-platform mobile networks.

Vincent is a “road warrior” and therefore constantly on the move so you won’t find him sitting still. He is often invited to cover various technology events around the world.


14. Chris White (@fezmid)

Chris White is a news editor at If you are not familiar with, it is a technology news website but also has a very active online community. By active I mean in the millions.

The editorial focus is predominantly on Microsoft-related news, but the site also offers analysis and reporting on mobile news, tech trends, gadgets and new technological developments, as well as in-depth product reviews.

Chris runs the information security team at his day job, so focuses a lot of his writing on that topic. He’s also well versed in IT infrastructure, virtualization, databases, and gaming technologies.


15. Mauricio Freitas (@freitasm)

Mauricio is a New Zealand resident and currently employed with Intergen.

At Intergen, he is responsible for the company’s presence on the Internet, including the website content, social channels strategy, management and participation, internal social communications and related activities.

These skills naturally translate over to Geekzone, Mauricio’s online community site with a focus on technology, with special interest in mobile, broadband and consumer electronics. Although, don’t let that fool you, he is very conversant in enterprise technology as well.

Although Geekzone is based in New Zealand, a substantial portion of the audience is derived from North America – just something to keep in mind.


16. Luigi Tiano (@ltiano)

Blogger and Co-Founder of Koodzo and, and recently employed by HP, Luigi specializes in enterprise architecture, cloud architecture and management, virtualization and IT business service management.

He is passionate about business, technology and disruptive startups. His blog, 1CloudRoad (currently undergoing a facelift), is an online community of Senior IT Professionals sharing their insight and promoting Cloud Computing, Big Data and Software-Defined Networks.

If you have any interest in Cloud Computing, following Luigi is a must.


17. Greg Ferro (@etherealmind)

When it comes to data networking, you better be familiar with Greg Ferro. He has over 25 years experience in IT and data networking as freelance network architect/engineer, mostly in the United Kingdom and previously in Asia Pacific region. Greg has experience working at financial institutions, service providers, resellers as well as dot coms.

Today Greg is focusing on Data Center, Security and Application Networking technologies and spending a lot of time pondering design models and the future of networking in IT Infrastructure.

He is co-founder and co-host of the Packet Pushers and the “greatest data networking podcast in the world” and well-known for his blog where he shares his knowledge with the Internet community.


18. Abe Olandres (@yugatech)

Abe has been a blogger since 2000, and founded YugaTech in 2002 where he is the founder and editor in chief. Yugatech is a powerhouse site in the Philippines where it is the number one technology news and reviews site.

He has travelled around the world where he is frequently invited to moderate forums on blogging and new media. He also writes a column for the Philippine Star under the “You Got Tech” name.

But don’t let be fooled into thinking Yugatech is only a big deal in the Philippines! It is widely read throughout the Asia Pacific and North America regions.

And if you really want to stay on the cutting edge of tech products and gadgets, you need to know what’s going on in Asia.


19. Dr. Joe Kim (@drjosephkim)

Dr. Joseph Kim, as the President of MCM Education, is focused on providing innovative educational solutions by partnering with other providers of continuing medication education.

He is also a digital entrepreneur, and his passion for the health industry has translated into public speaking engagements about mobile health and social media in health. He is the founder of, an online community providing physicians interested in non-clinical jobs with helpful resources.

Dr. Kim provides an invaluable look at how technology is used within the healthcare business vertical. If you are interested in this area of the blogosphere, you cannot overlook Dr. Kim.


20. Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock)

Besides being an online adjunct professor at Wilkes University, Kathy is also a leading voice in the role of emerging technologies in the classroom, and around using online tools to support classroom instruction.

As you can imagine, as technology has advanced in recent years, its impact on the classroom environment and learning has been important.

No matter, however, Kathy stays on top of it all.

She regularly conducts workshops, presentations and keynotes both nationally and internationally.

While doing all of this, she also manages to squeeze in some technology product reviews! Her emphasis is on education, so any product review she does is seen through that lens.


21. Chris Wahl (@chriswahl)

Chris is passionate about data center technologies, business challenges, and discovering new products. He hosts the Datanauts Show, a podcast, and is the tech evangelist at Rubrik Incorporated.

He is also the author at the WahlNetwork, a blog providing technical solutions for technical people.

Founded in late 2010 as a place to write down thoughts on various technical challenges, over time, Chris figured out he had an audience interested in his opinion, which led him to elevate the blog into a regular endeavor.

Chris’ focus is on data center technologies, business challenges, and discovering new products and solutions. Unlike many other tech blogs, Chris’ perspective is as an engineer and his blog posts reflect that.

He often likes to get into the nitty gritty.


22. Jon Reed (@jonerp)

Involved in enterprise communities since 1995, Jon has been around the virtual block. These days, Jon is a roving blogger/analyst, and also counsels vendors and startups on go-to-market strategy.

He is a Diginomica co-founder, Enterprise Irregular, and purveyor of multi-media content.

Jon is an advocate for media over marketing; he sees diginomica as a chance to disrupt tech media, with the BS-weary enterprise reader in mind. Jon was named best writer by the ERP Focus 2014 writer awards.

He is definitely one to follow.


23. Tim Crawford (@tcrawford)

A world-renowned thought leader in the field of IT transformation, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, Tim has worked with many global organizations, including Philips and Stanford University.

He is a regular keynote speaker at industry events, and serves in an advisory role to global enterprises and venture capital firms.

His blog is where Tim writes about technology and business challeges from the CIO’s perspective.


24. Michael Letschin (@mletschin)

Michael had designed, planned, managed and deployed datacenter solutions for customers large and small before moving into his more recent marketing and product roles. This unique background equipped him with the experience necessary to excel in his current role as Field CTO — and blogger.

Michael regularly interacts with everyone from developers to end-users (i.e. customers). He translates storage and virtualization for the masses, often through community events and speaking sessions at conferences.

His blog,, focuses primarily on enterprise tech with the occasional splash of consumer IT (just spice it up a little).

All in all, it is a place where Michael communicates his learnings and documents his hard won experience.


25. Hector Russo (@geeksroom)

Hector is the founder of While based in Dallas, he has used GeeksRoom as an avenue to explore his love of gadgets, web culture, geek culture, new technology, software and hardware as well as online services.

But don’t let Hector’s Dallas base of operations throw you off into thinking his readership is mainly based in North America. Because Geeksroom is published in Spanish, it has a substantial readership throughout Latin America as well as Spain.

Wrapping Up

Each of these industry experts is a must-follow on Twitter (at the very least) if you’re interested in news around the tech world.

Let us know what you think of our list in the comments, and do let us know if you think we missed someone!

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