Turning Social Media ‘Cons’ into ‘Pros’

For every business decision, there are always pros and cons, and weighing out risks is always necessary.

An article written by Matt Ambrose entitled “The Pros and Cons of Social Media appeared last month at Social Media Today. We’d like to take a moment to reflect on the cons mentioned. While many marketers carry the opinion that the cons stated below are downsides in social media, we think these cons don’t hold much weight when thinking in terms of word of mouth and influencer marketing and how it fits into social media. Our perspective on these cons is reflected below:

Time consuming? There’s no denying that there is a long process involved in developing a social media program and integrating it into your current marketing mix. However, this is the case in every marketing effort. Proper planning and resource management are key factors, but applying the judo move (see our post here) in working with influencers, you can use minimum effort to receive maximum results in your social media programs.

Long time before ROI? Spending millions on advertising to throw your message at as many consumers as possible may get you immediate sales. But there’s a better, more economical way to implement immediate ROI by launching a WOM campaign that integrates blogger engagements.

There is already a momentum that bloggers carry – they’ve got the drive to deliver messages to their audience and they do it every day. When generating campaigns with the blogging community you can expect faster, better ROI by tapping into that existing momentum. If you work to create a campaign which directs readers to your website – the direct referral will get you the right customers and make it easier for them to access the point of purchase directly.

Dilutes brand voice? When you work with influencers, you have to give them free reign to evaluate your product in their own voice. While you might think that this will dilute your brand, you are in fact, growing a stronger brand voice. By working with influential bloggers you allow them to provide an authentic voice about your product – and, in turn, your brand voice grows stronger in the eyes of consumers. With third party endorsements, potential consumers are more likely to trust your brand over others.

Loss of control? Transparency is a major force in a blogger growing his audience, it’s also a major component in building trust with your customer. While this might feel like you are losing control as a marketer by allowing customers the the freedom to say whatever they like about your product, you are actually gaining control by working with bloggers. The bloggers that you work with on a regular basis to will help you remediate the risks that the massive voices of social media carries. By developing relationships with influential bloggers, they will speak out on behalf of your brand.

Risk of negative comments? The basis of social media is personal thought and interaction. Social media users expect dependence and honesty from each other. By working with bloggers as part of your overall social media strategy, you are allowing them a chance to speak out against negative viewpoints and give a realistic point of view, rather than a drastically negative or a drastically positive message. Consumers are more likely to believe a positive statement when placed next to a negative.

Overall, an influencer marketing campaign wrapped into your social media strategy will help to reduce the fear and risk that you may associate with the ‘cons’ of social media.

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