We brought together 20 independent influencers representing audiences from SMB, education, healthcare and general technology enthusiast markets. During the promotion, this program resulted in >155M aggregate monthly visitors,

Like consumers, search engines are SMB* technology buyers’ primary resource for product/service discovery. With search results in hand, SMBs lean heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. Chief resources for word-of-mouth referrals are

  To help incite demand within Envy target market, Ivy Worldwide, in partnership with HP, invited mediaphiles of all genres (photo, video, music), plus high-end technology enthusiasts to serve as

    Ivy Worldwide invited several bloggers to attend some major events in New York City and Washington, DC with Microsoft and the NBA. The purpose of this event was

    Working with students, HP partnered with Ivy Worldwide to help drive purchases of both a notebook and a netbook by students and parents. Using various techniques, the success