Improve Your Promotion ROI

Promotions can be an effective tactic in stimulating purchases, however your sales reach is limited to your distribution channel reach.  But what if you could reach buyers you didn’t even know were looking for your product or service?  You can.

Ivy Worldwide will help you expand your sales reach by engaging independent third-party influencers to deliver your promotions to their buyer audiences.  By reaching more buyers more cost-effectively and increasing your conversion rate, you improve your ROI.


Why Influencer Promotions Matter

Deploying promotions can be expensive and time consuming.  Many times your competitors are launching similar, competitive promotional offers that negate your advantage (think seasonal times of year).

To gain a sustainable competitive advantage, you need to go where the competition isn’t.  This means partnering with independent third-party influencers to deploy promotions reaching discrete buyer audiences before your competitors do.  This viral marketing approach to promotions is more targeted and less costly and that translates to increased promotion ROI.

Ivy Worldwide handles all the planning and execution details as part of your normal promotion process.


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