Improve Lead Generation ROI

Word-of-mouth marketing is nothing new, but recommendations from peers and experts is now the most trusted source of information during the buying cycle for both B2B and B2C buyers.  It is not enough to have a few customer testimonials on your website; buyers want unscripted, unvarnished feedback from real users of your product or service.

If you are not generating endorsements from customers and experts you are handicapping your lead generation efforts.

Ivy Worldwide manages the creation and distribution of reviews and endorsements from satisfied customers and independent third-party influencers to build brand preference and support inbound lead generation. By influencing more buyers to select your brand, you increase your lead conversion ROI.


Why Third-Party Endorsements Matter

Recent benchmark studies by Nielsen and others confirm that buyers trust peers more than brands.  Positive recommendations and reviews are essential to build credibility with buyers and generate sales leads:

(1) Website traffic – your organic search rank is increasingly determined by inbound links and social signals from UGC (user generated content).  Since 92% of online searchers never go beyond page one results in Google, your rank impacts your website traffic.

(2) Word-of-mouth – positive online reviews, social posts, testimonials and forum comments influence a buyer’s decision to buy your product more than advertising.

We can help you design and execute ongoing campaigns to obtain third party endorsement through positive reviews, recommendations, testimonials and referrals to build your sales lead pipeline and generate demand.  Best of all, the lead attribution is measurable.


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