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In marketing, two shifts in buyer behavior have permanently disrupted your lead generation strategy: (1) Declining brand trust - according to Nielsen, 92% of consumers around the world trust earned media (recommendations by friends/family, online reviews) more than all forms of advertising. (2) DIY buyer education - according to multiple researchers including Forrester Research, B2B buyers complete up to 55-70% of the buying cycle before contacting a brand's sales team, preferring instead to educate themselves via online searches and peer/expert opinions.  The implication for marketers are clear: buyers are turning away from brands, and relying far more heavily instead on independent third-party influencers to learn about products and services prior to purchase.  Ivy Worldwide will provide you the influencer marketing strategy and program execution you need to reach more buyers, create brand preference, and compel them to purchase.    

Find the Buyers You've Been Overlooking

Earned Content

We partner with third-party influencers to create and publish content that promotes your brand to their buyer audiences to generate engagement and inbound leads.Read How We Do It

Promotion Activation

We collaborate with third-party influencers to design and execute promotions for your products to generate incremental sales.Read How We Do It

Third Party Endorsement

We engage your best customers and third-party influencers to create reviews and recommendations to be found by buyers searching for your product category.Read How We Do It

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Nick White
Nick White
Proprietor and General Manager

Nick heads up business development, campaign execution and analytics, leaning on 20 years of experience with brands such as Microsoft and Amazon.

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Our Clients